Brakes leave you locked!

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A Key component of a safe car is our braking system. The braking system is not just, front and rear brake pads. Your vehicle also has brake wear sensors, hydraulic brake boosters and master cylinder, steel brake lines, and brake hoses.   Customers need to make sure that proper diagnostic and repairs of your braking system are correct and reliable.  Remember, on certain repairs, such as brakes, cheaper parts are not always the best.  Spend a little more on the better quality product, and have peace of mind that if you must stop quickly, your brakes are not going to lock up, and that you are able to brake quickly to avoid a child, a biker, a collision. We at Gladin Automotive offer FREE Brake inspections, to include all the components of the braking system checking, for wear, leaks, deterioration of hose and lines, seized calipers, hot spots.   If you have a brake pulse, shimmy, grinding noise, a pull when braking, stop by and let our ASE Certified Master Technicians check your vehicle for safety.  Be prepared for winter weather!


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