Car Battery Could Ruin Back to School!

Car Battery Could Ruin Back to School!

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Warning Signs that you car/truck battery is getting ready to leave you stranded!

We all have been there, you are running late for work or an appointment, and you go out to your car/truck and find that it just won’t start!  Here are some car facts to be aware of , so that you don’t get left stranded!


  • 1 – Slow Crank!
When you turn your key on, and the vehicle has a slow start, or grinding noise then catches!
  • 2 – Check engine light is on or your battery light.

Most cars today, are equipped with a battery light and or check engine light, that signals something is not performing properly. Don’t ignore the light, have it checked out

  • 3 – Low battery fluid.

If the fluid is low , then it is time to test the battery and the electrical system

  • 4 – Battery leaking acid.
Battery acid leaking causes corrosion around the post,  The corrosion can cause your vehicle not to start, and can damage other components of the engine if its leaks onto them.
  • 5 – Check for loose or unsecured battery.
It is so very important that you have the proper size battery for your vehicle, and that the battery is secured.  If a battery, moves or tips over it can cause a fire under your hood.   (Ever seen a car on the side of  the road burning, this is usually the cause)
  • 6 – Old Age.
Most batteries last four years or longer with proper care and maintenance.  You should have your battery checked annually.
  • 7- Alternator.
Make sure your alternator is checked, if it not working properly, it will drain your new battery.


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