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When most people hear the phrase exhaust service they think of loud pipes and mufflers. Exhaust service has really become emissions service. Catalytic converters and  high-tech computer controlled emissions devices are now a big part of your vehicles exhaust system. Because of the complexity, your auto manufacturer recommends you have your emission system checked out by a qualified Gladin Automotive technician regularly to make sure everything is working right – usually every 6 months or 10,000 miles/16,000 kilometers.


Petersburg VA Muffler, Exhaust, and Emmisions

Petersburg VA  Mufflers, Exhaust

The emission system also converts pollutants into less harmful byproducts, reduces engine noise, and directs emission gases to heat air and fuel before the fuel goes into the engine’s cylinders. Finally, the emission system provides the correct amount of back pressure into the engine to improve its fuel-burning efficiency and increase performance.