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Oil Change – Petersburg Virginia!

A customer once asked me, DO YOU REALLY NEED TO CHANGE YOUR OIL?   Absolutely!      BY NOT CHANGING YOUR OIL RESULTS in HARDEN OIL (LIKE A PIECE OF COAL) it becomes dry and thick and hard, it will cause your engine to seize up.


Petersburg VA, Oil Change -  Gladin Automotive


 It’s oil change time again! Older cars require oil changes every 3,000 miles. Early 2000 models every 5,000 miles, now  the newest cars every 7,500 miles.  Know your car/truck  and change your oil at the proper intervals. Using the proper engine oil s specific to your vehicle.  The motor oil is one of the most important parts of the automotive engine.  It is the engine’s source of lubrication, without a properly lubricated engine you can cause engine problems. When a car sits for weeks at a time, the upper part of the engine losses it’s lubrication, it can only be lubricated when the car is running and the pistons are moving up and down lubricating the engine.  This can cause a valve ticking noise when the engine is not  being lubricated properly or has been without oil for a long period of time.   Let us be your hometown, technician, call with questions or concerns, or visit our ASE MASTER CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS, at Gladin Autotmotive, Inc, 10597 South Crater Road, South Prince George, (Petersburg) Virginia .Our  ASE MASTER CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS can help eliminate carbon buildup in the engine.  We have been serving the community since 1983.  We look forward to helping you with any questions or concerns,  so that you will become more satisfied with driving your new or older model car/truck.