Car issues ruin your family’s vacation!

Car issues ruin your family’s vacation!

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One of the most common reasons for a vehicle’s  temperature gauge to be low or high unexpectedly is a sticking thermostat. A sticking thermostat can cause a lack of coolant flow to your engine. The easiest way to check and see if your thermostat is open, is to feel the upper radiator hose for heat. Once the engine is at operating temperature it should become warm. If it does not get hot the thermostat may not opening, or stuck partially open


A second common cause of overheating is a leak. When your vehicle loses coolant the vehicle cooling system takes in air and cannot keep cool. Check your antifreeze; if it is low then there will probably be pool of coolant in your drive way. Check for leaks around hoses and check your radiator. If you cannot find the leak you might need to take it to your automotive repair shop to have the cooling system pressure tested.

The water pump is an important part of your cooling system since it’s job is to move the coolant through your engine and radiator. With a faulty water pump your vehicle will not run for more than a few minutes without overheating and possible engine damage.



These are some of the most common causes for vehicle cooling system concerns. Overheating can cause a great deal of damage to your engine. If you are experiencing trouble be sure to come visit us at Gladin Automotive for courteous and professional automotive service. Happy Travels!

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