Radiator could leave you heated!

With cooler days approaching fast, make sure your radiator is working properly.

    Radiators should be flushed out every 25,000 miles to keep the radiator from deteriorating inside and developing holes causing leaks.

[space_20] Thermostats need to be replaced along with a coolant flush or water pump replacement. The thermostat controls the temperature of the coolant by opening and closing allowing the engine not to overheat. [space_20] Water pumps can also leak due to age, or dirty, nasty coolant flowing from them. [space_20] Radiator hoses, bypass hoses and heater hoses, should all be checked for corrosion, and deterioration, so they won’t burst on you this winter. They should be replaced every 30,000 miles. [space_20] Coolant temperature sensors should also be replaced. [space_20] Don’t let your vehicle let you down, this winter, now is the time to check, flush your heating system, or replace necessary parts, so they won’t cause you a problem with cooler weather ahead.


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