Winterize Your Vehicle For a Safe Family Commute

Winterize Your Vehicle For a Safe Family Commute.

As cooler days are upon us, be prepared.
Without proper maintenance of your vehicle heating system. Heater core failure can occur. Heater core failure will usually put an inside white mist on the windshield, when trying to use the defrost. Also, it can leak into the floor board of your vehicle, usually this occurs on the right hand side of the car. It will have a strong antifreeze smell, inside the car, from the mist of the defrost, or leakage onto floor board inside the car. Heater core replacements can be costly, depending on your vehicles, make and model. But, with proper maintenance of your heating system yearly, this repair can be avoided. Don’t wait for problems, let us make your vehicles transition from summer to winter go smoothly for you, without costly repairs.


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